The ELLIS Community NYC

EllisLogoELLIS Presents, the invite-only party for women, hosts events to celebrate the curious, fluid, interesting, and interested women of New York City. The project is named after Ruth Ellis, a LGBTQ activist. ELLIS honors Ruth’s legacy by making its own version of her legendary get-togethers.

The so-called «Soho House for Lesbians» ELLIS is a community for women who love women and focuses on forming and strengthening an evolving network. With space to talk, learn, and mingle, women are encouraged to connect with other women and explore their passions, their talents, their crafts, and their stories. ELLIS brings together the queer women of New York City to form a dynamic and exciting community unlike any other.

Invite-only, Ellis seems to deal in exclusivity, a twist in this proudly inclusive community. Email or send a message via contact form on their website for invites.

From the business:

“Ellis events offer an atmosphere that encourages people to talk to people you don’t know. We only ever take people in who have heard of us or who have been recommended to us.”



E-mail: ellispresents@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellispresents

WWW: https://ellispresents.com


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