Babetown NYC

BabetownImgBabetown — nice people, nice food, no frills. Babetown means an area where there is a plethora of attractive females or a term used to describe the hotness of a girl.

Supper club Babetown uses food to build queer community. It`s a broad daylight (and often later) moving pop-up brunch and dinner party series for queer and trans women and non binary people, offering an evening of food, wine and gayness in a series of private homes. Babetown is not the bar — it’s the back room where the music is turned down low enough for you to hear each other, meet each other, know each other.

From the business:

ʻʻBabetown, a dinner party that’s bringing the queer community together. Most guests show up as strangers to one another, but endless alcohol and gourmet food serve as conduits for conversation and budding friendships.ʼʼ

Watch Online: Babetown
Music: Babetown — «Babetown (The Song)»,
Video: BabetownNYC

Opening hours: Babetown events start around 7 p.m. and take place at different venues around New York

Payments: credit cards, cash.






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